28 October, 2020

Faced with the fickleness of coronavirus levels of contagion, companies are adapting their work models to maintain the safety of their employees without losing the performance of the workspaces which are available to them. In a situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in which restrictions come and go, we find different opinions regarding the working modalities implemented […]

28 September, 2020

The concept of flexible office is far from being a new concept: it is becoming quite popular all over the world, with the business sector betting for this workspace model at the expense of the traditional one. The different consequences of the coronavirus pandemic that are affecting the ‘new course’ have unleashed a huge rise of […]

27 August, 2020

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center points out the main aspects to be considered when choosing a workspace adapted to the current situation   This year’s back to work is of course expected to be exceptional because of the world’s health state of uncertainty. Today, thousands of people keep on working remotely, and there are […]

27 July, 2020

This working tool reduces distractions both in workspaces and teleworking In a work environment where phone calls, e-mails and Whatsapp messages are most common, while trying to avoid personal contact following all the recommendations against coronavirus, it is becoming essential to know how to stay focused, and not being distracted, during working hours. If you, when […]

15 June, 2020

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center addresses the main aspects workspaces have to consider in order to work normally after the coronavirus crisis. The present COVID-19 situation is obviously not the best time for companies to invest in workspaces, whether in-house or office extensions, especially considering today’s employment figures. That’s why companies are seeking new […]

7 May, 2020

Gran Via Business Center has led the way providing corporate workspaces where design and spaciousness allow to resume business activity with little or no changes in the spatial distribution prior to COVID-19.   The COVID-19 pandemichas lead to a global change of mindset in each one of the sectors where, up to now, people moved […]

2 April, 2020

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center is one of the workspaces that has reinforced its remote service so that clients can have the usual facilities. In times of crisis, there are many consequences that can occur and affect the population on a daily basis. The most recent example of this and one of the most […]

20 February, 2020

From Gran Via Business & Meeting Center they analyze how both models compare, analyzing the two offers and seeing in which circumstances each one has to be chosen. The world of workspaces is continually evolving, allowing new and different options for working environment models to be developed that set the pace for this dynamic environment. […]

28 January, 2020

Ease to balance work and personal life, both inside and outside the work space, is one of the main attractions for companies Frequent technological changes make companies change and move around cities, developing their business in the most suitable environment without having to depend on a specific geographical venue. An example of this path adopted […]

28 November, 2019

The tendency to facilitate the combination of work and professional life also affects the development of current work space models Working from home at least once a week is one of the most demanded requests, as is the case of the request established by the National Commission for the Rationalization of schedules (Arohe) this past […]