13 September, 2021

Establishing the right strategy in order to cut expenses in a company is a great challenge in the midst of a new reality that must continue to advance in the face of the new normal. Gran Via Business & Meeting Center, a business center in Barcelona where a large number of companies are housed, has […]

26 July, 2021

A new research shows how employees are more active and less tired if they can take a short break at any time if needed. It is a fact that productivity decreases throughout the day as fatigue and stress gain ground. That is why so-called micro-breaks are essential to overcome this obstacle, as they improve the […]

5 July, 2021

This workspace of reference in the city of Barcelona has opened a multidisciplinary space that adds to the range of workspaces they have in the heart of the city centre. Located in the city of Barcelona, just a short walk from any reference location and public transport, Gran Via Business & Meeting Center opened last […]

31 May, 2021

With companies planning the return of their workers in the face of greater openness, there is an urgent need to resolve the productivity debate on the hybrid format that combines face-to-face and remote working. Fighting the pandemic has meant that the vast majority of workers have taken the decision to isolate themselves at home to […]

29 April, 2021

With companies planning the return of their workers in the face of greater openness, there is an urgent need to resolve the debate on the productivity of the hybrid format that combines face-to-face and remote work. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of workers around the world have had to move to a […]

24 March, 2021

A quick transition to remote work has made IT technicians much more vigilant than they were with regular office work. Many companies, still concerned about the current health situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, continue to divide their workers among those who work from home and those who are located in the workplace more regularly. […]

18 March, 2021

We are facing an important meeting with our best client or a new supplier, and we have to decide where we will deal with the most relevant issues. Do not worry; at Gran Via Business & Meeting Center we have several spaces at your disposal. Whenever you are looking for a meeting room, in Barcelona […]

5 March, 2021

Hiring a Virtual Office is the solution for entrepreneurs, small companies and freelancers who do not need to be present in a physical office but need a representative office in Barcelona, in the most prestigious area of the city. At Gran Via Business & Meeting Center we offer you the possibility of having a fully […]

24 February, 2021

It is said that the beauty of Barcelona is only matched by the hustle and bustle of its financial centre. This economic hub is, without a doubt, one of the centres where “the action” moves on the peninsula. But that is not all. Its influence on a European level is growing, and proof of this […]

4 February, 2021

Are you a new entrepreneur? Then you’re going to love this. We have a coworking space in Barcelona that will allow you to take your business forward in the best possible way. But perhaps you are wondering what a coworking space is and how it can benefit you or other entrepreneurs. Well, here we are […]