22 February, 2023

Creativity can generate great benefits in any work environment but, in order to achieve it, some positive practices such as work motivation and teamwork are required. Promoting and encouraging innovation and creativity of employees in the work environment must be the result of a good climate in the workspace. But to achieve this it is […]

16 January, 2023

Facing Mondays is a constant battle to achieve good productivity at work. But how can we achieve this if we also have to face the ‘Monday’ that is recognised as the saddest Monday of the year? When we used to talk about the January slope, society referred to the reflection of the economic problems that […]

19 December, 2022

Although shared space is on the rise, a professional workspace does not only offer space for networking or client meetings: the private office mode represents an ideal and quiet place to carry out daily work. The growth of the term coworking or flexible spaces in recent months has taken centre stage in the workspace sector. […]

11 November, 2022

One of the most effective ways to promote and ensure innovation is to encourage employees to collaborate and brainstorm together. In this sense, workplaces should provide spaces for the exchange of creative ideas in which managers and employees can innovate effectively. Companies must continually make decisions and look for alternatives to certain problems and procedures […]

14 October, 2022

Flexibility, productivity and profitability are some of the main benefits of flexible workspace, which are increasingly being adopted by companies in times of economic uncertainty such as these. A recent report by Cushman & Wakefield highlights how, despite the slowdown in the office market compared to last year, there has been a 9% increase in […]

13 September, 2022

The most exclusive business center in Barcelona celebrates its 25th anniversary after a constant evolution at the pace of its customers, growing and adapting at every stage. Gran Via Business & Meeting Center was one of the first “workspaces” in Barcelona when the concept was barely known in 1996. Since then, the company has increased […]

25 August, 2022

Putting off activities without justification is known as the art of procrastination. If you are already familiar with it, you should know that doing it as part of your routine when you return from summer can become an obstacle to success. Enjoying the summer and not wanting to think about work? With the excuse of […]

13 July, 2022

Optimization of working time is an issue that worries many people, both at managerial and managerial levels. Achieving increased efficiency through a good time management is essential to achieve the goals you set. There are many reasons why productivity may go down. Sometimes, companies focus on activities that do not meet essential goals instead of […]

23 June, 2022

INDAStudio completed the Gran Via Business & Meeting Center offices catalogue with the new coworking area in Barcelona, Spain. Harmony, good proportions and balance of both materials and colors predominate in this Business Club of 200 sqm dedicated to coworking. Our mission as interior designers was to transform a rambling office space into a diaphanous, clear […]

21 June, 2022

Coordinating face-to-face and hybrid work in the current labor context can seem challenging. But there also lies a great opportunity to improve the company results starting with a value proposition for employees. Leaving behind the evolution of the pandemic, the labor market had to transition to a new context where no one knew exactly what […]