23 June, 2022

INDAStudio completed the Gran Via Business & Meeting Center offices catalogue with the new coworking area in Barcelona, Spain. Harmony, good proportions and balance of both materials and colors predominate in this Business Club of 200 sqm dedicated to coworking. Our mission as interior designers was to transform a rambling office space into a diaphanous, clear […]

21 June, 2022

Coordinating face-to-face and hybrid work in the current labor context can seem challenging. But there also lies a great opportunity to improve the company results starting with a value proposition for employees. Leaving behind the evolution of the pandemic, the labor market had to transition to a new context where no one knew exactly what […]

19 April, 2022

Between 2020 and 2021, the shift to a telecommuting or remote working model caught many companies off guard and today, with many employees having returned to the office and others remaining out of the office, employers face a new challenge: maintaining the company culture in the hybrid work environment. Recent surveys from different international HR […]

28 March, 2022

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center extends the offer to its users of its remote office model to increase their productivity with occasional stays at the centre. In recent months, many companies and professionals have returned to working in a face-to-face or hybrid way. The return to office-based work seems to be an excellent option […]

25 February, 2022

The term VUCA refers to a changing environment in which nothing is the same as it was in the past; we can say that, in the face of the new normality, the term is more relevant than ever. VUCA stands for Volatility (V), Uncertainty (U), Complexity (C) and Ambiguity (A). In other words: volatility, uncertainty, […]

26 January, 2022

The CEO and Founder of Innoe highlights the main aspects of his transition from a traditional office to Gran Via Business & Meeting Center’s flexible office model for his company, which took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have had to adapt to changes in work models: […]

20 December, 2021

It has been a turbulent year with many changes in a variety of areas in everyone’s day-to-day life, but this last month of 2021 makes us reflect on everything that has happened throughout the year; a year in which we have learned to move forward with a more adapted and familiar normality in everyone’s day-to-day […]

22 November, 2021

Achieving a good workplace is not only about cleanliness and order. It also entails a healthy work environment, equipped with technology and other features that encourage productivity and creativity. The current trend that offers both teleworking and workspace options alike to workers is an increasingly widespread reality. Even with this divide, a growing number of […]

13 September, 2021

Establishing the right strategy in order to cut expenses in a company is a great challenge in the midst of a new reality that must continue to advance in the face of the new normal. Gran Via Business & Meeting Center, a business center in Barcelona where a large number of companies are housed, has […]

26 July, 2021

A new research shows how employees are more active and less tired if they can take a short break at any time if needed. It is a fact that productivity decreases throughout the day as fatigue and stress gain ground. That is why so-called micro-breaks are essential to overcome this obstacle, as they improve the […]