18 June, 2024

In today’s dynamic business world, companies are continuously seeking ways to optimize their operating costs and maximize efficiency. One solution that has gained popularity in recent years is coworking, which offers numerous economic and operational benefits. Spain: A Reference in Coworking Spaces Spain has positioned itself as one of the leading countries in coworking spaces, […]

27 May, 2024

In today’s constantly evolving work environment, where versatility and adaptability are essential, flex offices have emerged as a strategic solution to meet the needs of companies of all sizes. These versatile spaces do not only offer the freedom to adapt according to the changing needs of the company but also foster collaboration, innovation, and a […]

30 April, 2024

In the dynamic business landscape of Barcelona, recent data from the real estate consultancy CBRE reveals a promising trend: the Catalan capital is positioned as the fourth European city with the highest share of flexible offices, reaching a weight of 3.5% by the end of the first quarter of this year. This trend translates into […]

21 March, 2024

In a constantly evolving work world, where flexibility and adaptability are key, flexible offices have emerged as a strategic solution for companies of all sizes. In this regard, the recent annual Flexmark report by Savills and Workthere has shed light on global trends in the sector, revealing some data that reinforces the position of flexible […]

27 February, 2024

According to a recent Chief Executive survey of 150 CEOs in the United States, the vast majority of companies are considering getting back to the office. This shift means a notable turnaround from recent trends, where remote or hybrid work had been gaining ground prominently. Although new models are still more common than on-site work […]

31 January, 2024

In the current era, marked by significant changes in the way we work, the rise of coworking spaces is an important trend in the evolution of the labor world. A recent study by the real estate consulting firm Savills Aguirre Newman predicts that, by 2030, three out of every ten workspaces will be coworking spaces. […]

27 December, 2023

As Spain experiences changes in the dynamics of teleworking, Gran Via Business & Meeting Center offers innovative solutions in flexible offices and state-of-the-art workspaces. Recently, the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) has published revealing results on teleworking in Spain. Despite the loss of weight that this practice has experienced, offices are regaining ground, marking […]

29 November, 2023

With 2024 just a few weeks away, the Barcelona-based business center reveals the three trends that will shape offices in anticipation of changing work dynamics. In today’s frenetic work landscape, where rigidity gives way to flexibility and technology embraces collaboration, companies are making a momentous shift in the traditional conception of their workspaces. The incisive […]

30 October, 2023

These spaces offer all the flexibility that companies need, while fostering collaboration, creativity and innovation. In today’s fast-paced workplace, where flexibility and adaptability are paramount, companies are redefining their workplaces. The traditional office, with its rigid structures and underutilized spaces, is losing relevance in today’s dynamic business environment. The limitations of conventional office spaces, such […]

27 September, 2023

Flexibility, cost savings and the ability to access a wide range of services are just some of the reasons that explain why more entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers are opting for virtual offices. In the era of digitalization, the labor market is undergoing a radical transformation. Every day, more and more people are looking for […]

29 August, 2023

According to a report promoted by Mobile World Capital, the city of Barcelona has a balance between supply and demand for digital employment slightly above the European and Spanish average. Barcelona continues to strengthen its position as a pole of attraction for technological talent. This is reflected in the report ‘Digital Talent Overview 2023’, promoted […]

24 July, 2023

Barcelona is the first Spanish city to appear in the ranking of the best European cities to live and work, which is still led by London, according to a report developed by the consultancy firm NTT Data, in collaboration with Barcelona Global. The Barcelona Global association and the consultancy firm NTT Data have recently presented […]

21 June, 2023

Thinking about the proper work environment for a business involves understanding the physical and social spaces where work activities are carried out. What is a work environment? A work environment refers to the physical, social and psychological environment in which work activities take place. Increasingly, companies are focusing on providing spaces where employees feel comfortable, […]

19 May, 2023

Nowadays it is easy and common to find a workspace inspired by the privacy and comfort of home. But are companies aware of how many different types of spaces can be found in the same workspace? Nowadays, both companies and employees prioritise having a comfortable and flexible workspace. At the same time, both parties value […]

18 April, 2023

When it comes to choosing an office rental, location is often a secondary factor for entrepreneurs and their business. Instead, cost usually tops the list, along with size. Whether a company is large or small, the vast majority of businesses reach a point where they are considering either moving to a first office with professional […]

17 April, 2023

The value of a brand and its relationship with the workspace through design is very topical and its good use is defended as an indispensable tool to improve performance. Among the many new developments we can find in the business sector and the ideas of HR departments, many companies focus their attention on branding and […]

22 February, 2023

Creativity can generate great benefits in any work environment but, in order to achieve it, some positive practices such as work motivation and teamwork are required. Promoting and encouraging innovation and creativity of employees in the work environment must be the result of a good climate in the workspace. But to achieve this it is […]

16 January, 2023

Facing Mondays is a constant battle to achieve good productivity at work. But how can we achieve this if we also have to face the ‘Monday’ that is recognised as the saddest Monday of the year? When we used to talk about the January slope, society referred to the reflection of the economic problems that […]

19 December, 2022

Although shared space is on the rise, a professional workspace does not only offer space for networking or client meetings: the private office mode represents an ideal and quiet place to carry out daily work. The growth of the term coworking or flexible spaces in recent months has taken centre stage in the workspace sector. […]

11 November, 2022

One of the most effective ways to promote and ensure innovation is to encourage employees to collaborate and brainstorm together. In this sense, workplaces should provide spaces for the exchange of creative ideas in which managers and employees can innovate effectively. Companies must continually make decisions and look for alternatives to certain problems and procedures […]

14 October, 2022

Flexibility, productivity and profitability are some of the main benefits of flexible workspace, which are increasingly being adopted by companies in times of economic uncertainty such as these. A recent report by Cushman & Wakefield highlights how, despite the slowdown in the office market compared to last year, there has been a 9% increase in […]

13 September, 2022

The most exclusive business center in Barcelona celebrates its 25th anniversary after a constant evolution at the pace of its customers, growing and adapting at every stage. Gran Via Business & Meeting Center was one of the first “workspaces” in Barcelona when the concept was barely known in 1996. Since then, the company has increased […]

25 August, 2022

Putting off activities without justification is known as the art of procrastination. If you are already familiar with it, you should know that doing it as part of your routine when you return from summer can become an obstacle to success. Enjoying the summer and not wanting to think about work? With the excuse of […]

13 July, 2022

Optimization of working time is an issue that worries many people, both at managerial and managerial levels. Achieving increased efficiency through a good time management is essential to achieve the goals you set. There are many reasons why productivity may go down. Sometimes, companies focus on activities that do not meet essential goals instead of […]

23 June, 2022

INDAStudio completed the Gran Via Business & Meeting Center offices catalogue with the new coworking area in Barcelona, Spain. Harmony, good proportions and balance of both materials and colors predominate in this Business Club of 200 sqm dedicated to coworking. Our mission as interior designers was to transform a rambling office space into a diaphanous, clear […]

21 June, 2022

Coordinating face-to-face and hybrid work in the current labor context can seem challenging. But there also lies a great opportunity to improve the company results starting with a value proposition for employees. Leaving behind the evolution of the pandemic, the labor market had to transition to a new context where no one knew exactly what […]

19 April, 2022

Between 2020 and 2021, the shift to a telecommuting or remote working model caught many companies off guard and today, with many employees having returned to the office and others remaining out of the office, employers face a new challenge: maintaining the company culture in the hybrid work environment. Recent surveys from different international HR […]

28 March, 2022

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center extends the offer to its users of its remote office model to increase their productivity with occasional stays at the centre. In recent months, many companies and professionals have returned to working in a face-to-face or hybrid way. The return to office-based work seems to be an excellent option […]

25 February, 2022

The term VUCA refers to a changing environment in which nothing is the same as it was in the past; we can say that, in the face of the new normality, the term is more relevant than ever. VUCA stands for Volatility (V), Uncertainty (U), Complexity (C) and Ambiguity (A). In other words: volatility, uncertainty, […]

26 January, 2022

The CEO and Founder of Innoe highlights the main aspects of his transition from a traditional office to Gran Via Business & Meeting Center’s flexible office model for his company, which took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have had to adapt to changes in work models: […]

20 December, 2021

It has been a turbulent year with many changes in a variety of areas in everyone’s day-to-day life, but this last month of 2021 makes us reflect on everything that has happened throughout the year; a year in which we have learned to move forward with a more adapted and familiar normality in everyone’s day-to-day […]

22 November, 2021

Achieving a good workplace is not only about cleanliness and order. It also entails a healthy work environment, equipped with technology and other features that encourage productivity and creativity. The current trend that offers both teleworking and workspace options alike to workers is an increasingly widespread reality. Even with this divide, a growing number of […]

13 September, 2021

Establishing the right strategy in order to cut expenses in a company is a great challenge in the midst of a new reality that must continue to advance in the face of the new normal. Gran Via Business & Meeting Center, a business center in Barcelona where a large number of companies are housed, has […]

26 July, 2021

A new research shows how employees are more active and less tired if they can take a short break at any time if needed. It is a fact that productivity decreases throughout the day as fatigue and stress gain ground. That is why so-called micro-breaks are essential to overcome this obstacle, as they improve the […]

5 July, 2021

This workspace of reference in the city of Barcelona has opened a multidisciplinary space that adds to the range of workspaces they have in the heart of the city centre. Located in the city of Barcelona, just a short walk from any reference location and public transport, Gran Via Business & Meeting Center opened last […]

31 May, 2021

With companies planning the return of their workers in the face of greater openness, there is an urgent need to resolve the productivity debate on the hybrid format that combines face-to-face and remote working. Fighting the pandemic has meant that the vast majority of workers have taken the decision to isolate themselves at home to […]

6 May, 2021

When you are working in the heart of Barcelona, it is always nice to find a moment to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and ambience of the city. That is why at 630 Gran Vía Business & Meeting Center we have spaces where you can relax and disconnect. With more than 2,500 square metres, our […]

29 April, 2021

With companies planning the return of their workers in the face of greater openness, there is an urgent need to resolve the debate on the productivity of the hybrid format that combines face-to-face and remote work. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of workers around the world have had to move to a […]

7 April, 2021

The worst months of the pandemic seems to be over and vaccination is making things easier. Workers, the vast majority of whom are teleworking, are returning to their regular jobs in the office. Mental health plays a very important role in all this. Many things have changed since a year ago, and we have been […]

24 March, 2021

A quick transition to remote work has made IT technicians much more vigilant than they were with regular office work. Many companies, still concerned about the current health situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, continue to divide their workers among those who work from home and those who are located in the workplace more regularly. […]

18 March, 2021

We are facing an important meeting with our best client or a new supplier, and we have to decide where we will deal with the most relevant issues. Do not worry; at Gran Via Business & Meeting Center we have several spaces at your disposal. Whenever you are looking for a meeting room, in Barcelona […]

10 March, 2021

After a very agitated year, it seems that things are getting back on track. However, the work paradigm has changed and so must companies, investing their resources in spaces that really generate benefits and are useful for their teams. Today we want to present ten reasons to use collaborative spaces in Barcelona in times of […]

5 March, 2021

Hiring a Virtual Office is the solution for entrepreneurs, small companies and freelancers who do not need to be present in a physical office but need a representative office in Barcelona, in the most prestigious area of the city. At Gran Via Business & Meeting Center we offer you the possibility of having a fully […]

25 February, 2021

The winds of change are blowing in the workplace. If at the beginning of 2020 barely 4-5% of the Spanish population was teleworking, today this figure has increased exponentially to 35% in just 12 months. Not only that. More and more businessmen and entrepreneurs are opting for alternative options such as a virtual office to […]

24 February, 2021

It is said that the beauty of Barcelona is only matched by the hustle and bustle of its financial centre. This economic hub is, without a doubt, one of the centres where “the action” moves on the peninsula. But that is not all. Its influence on a European level is growing, and proof of this […]

18 February, 2021

The city of Barcelona holds the title of European Capital of Innovation in its own right, but not only that. Since 2019, it has also been European Capital of Urban Mobility and is considered one of the best cities in the world to live in and visit. With this CV behind it, it is not […]

12 February, 2021

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center Barcelona stresses the need to maintain security measures firmly in workspaces to restore user confidence. Companies and SMEs that locate their workplaces in a workspace are finding it increasingly urgent to restart their work processes normally after many months of work being influenced by the coronavirus. This requires workspace […]

4 February, 2021

Are you a new entrepreneur? Then you’re going to love this. We have a coworking space in Barcelona that will allow you to take your business forward in the best possible way. But perhaps you are wondering what a coworking space is and how it can benefit you or other entrepreneurs. Well, here we are […]

27 January, 2021

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center calibrates the biggest office design trends of 2021, considering the influence of COVID-19 and how they can affect employee well-being and productivity, among other factors. While everybody looks for a way to look to a post-pandemic future, many people also crave to return to life as it was known […]

22 December, 2020

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center gauges the main office design trends of 2021, considering the influence of COVID-19 and how they can affect employee well-being and productivity, among other factors.   At the advent of Christmas festivities, in this time of year we must look forward and focus on the trends and movements that […]

26 November, 2020

The ability to work and share experiences with any kind of professional in the same space helps to form a beneficial socio-professional model in every workaday aspect.   Even with all their years in development and expansion around the world, it has been shown that there is a “special” factor that emerges when working in […]

28 October, 2020

Faced with the fickleness of coronavirus levels of contagion, companies are adapting their work models to maintain the safety of their employees without losing the performance of the workspaces which are available to them. In a situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in which restrictions come and go, we find different opinions regarding the working modalities implemented […]

28 September, 2020

The concept of flexible office is far from being a new concept: it is becoming quite popular all over the world, with the business sector betting for this workspace model at the expense of the traditional one. The different consequences of the coronavirus pandemic that are affecting the ‘new course’ have unleashed a huge rise of […]

27 August, 2020

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center points out the main aspects to be considered when choosing a workspace adapted to the current situation   This year’s back to work is of course expected to be exceptional because of the world’s health state of uncertainty. Today, thousands of people keep on working remotely, and there are […]

27 July, 2020

This working tool reduces distractions both in workspaces and teleworking In a work environment where phone calls, e-mails and Whatsapp messages are most common, while trying to avoid personal contact following all the recommendations against coronavirus, it is becoming essential to know how to stay focused, and not being distracted, during working hours. If you, when […]

21 July, 2020

After many weeks quarantined and working from home when possible, it is time to go back to the office. But make no mistake, the virus is not gone and we cannot consider the “new normal” as if it were the normal to which we were used to when the year began. Does this mean that […]

15 June, 2020

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center addresses the main aspects workspaces have to consider in order to work normally after the coronavirus crisis. The present COVID-19 situation is obviously not the best time for companies to invest in workspaces, whether in-house or office extensions, especially considering today’s employment figures. That’s why companies are seeking new […]

19 May, 2020

After some weeks of great uncertainty, at Gran Via Business Center we are satisfied to see how gradually and prudently we are returning to the lost normality.  Every week increases the number of clients returning to the office, either daily or sporadically and some meetings are even being held in the rooms. In addition to […]

12 May, 2020

Returning to the normality lost due to the COVID-19 outbreak, will lead to important changes in our daily habits, both in our personal and professional lives and in our work spaces. In Gran Via Business Center, since the beginning of this pandemic, we have prepared ourselves to face this new reality by implementing extraordinary measures […]

7 May, 2020

Gran Via Business Center has led the way providing corporate workspaces where design and spaciousness allow to resume business activity with little or no changes in the spatial distribution prior to COVID-19.   The COVID-19 pandemichas lead to a global change of mindset in each one of the sectors where, up to now, people moved […]

2 April, 2020

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center is one of the workspaces that has reinforced its remote service so that clients can have the usual facilities. In times of crisis, there are many consequences that can occur and affect the population on a daily basis. The most recent example of this and one of the most […]

20 February, 2020

From Gran Via Business & Meeting Center they analyze how both models compare, analyzing the two offers and seeing in which circumstances each one has to be chosen. The world of workspaces is continually evolving, allowing new and different options for working environment models to be developed that set the pace for this dynamic environment. […]

28 January, 2020

Ease to balance work and personal life, both inside and outside the work space, is one of the main attractions for companies Frequent technological changes make companies change and move around cities, developing their business in the most suitable environment without having to depend on a specific geographical venue. An example of this path adopted […]

28 November, 2019

The tendency to facilitate the combination of work and professional life also affects the development of current work space models Working from home at least once a week is one of the most demanded requests, as is the case of the request established by the National Commission for the Rationalization of schedules (Arohe) this past […]

22 October, 2019

Combining the aspects of coworking and traditional office allow features suitable for any professional The coworkingmodel has implied a turning point in the world of workspaces. The increasing demand of this kind of offices responds to a deep social change in the model of workspaces. Concurrently, though, sector professionals have been adapting their offer to […]

31 July, 2019

The workspace adapts its facilities to 100% clean energies aiming to protect environment Global warming is a major concern that concerns the whole world population. Rising temperatures are a fact, and the forecast is that, by 2050, 77% of the world’s biggest cities will have similar conditions to today’s tropical towns, according to a report that […]

28 May, 2019

With more than 2.100 business meetings held during 2017 (source: turismo MICE– of conventions, congresses and incentives), Barcelonatakes a stand as one of the main capitals demanding spaces specialized in this sort of services. Namely, the figure is 7.7% higher than in the previous period, and includes a total of 561 congresses and more than […]

24 April, 2019

Through the years, workspaces have evolved and experienced a number of changes, adding a twist to the early models, mainly because the evolution of technology existing in the spaces allows new working habits, and greater flexibility and space for developing the working tasks. Therefore, independent professionals and companies can meet in the same context thanks to […]

12 March, 2019

Clara Campàs, Partner and Co-Founder of ASABYS: “The combination of its location and the co-working concept proposed by Gran Via Business & Meeting Center were key points” Startups are in full expansion, rapidly developing the search for investors that opt for their projects. In this context, these emerging companies need infrastructures that can respond at the […]

6 February, 2019

Workspaces in Barcelona seek to stand out since offices hiring is on the rise According to a report by consulting firm Savills Aguirre Newman, Barcelona town center is currently an area which is essentially taken by corporations: between 98% and 99% of the offer is already hired. Furthermore, the occupation forecast for workspaces promotions to […]

26 November, 2018

Technology supply and services customization are two of the most highly-valued aspects A few days ago, economic media such as Ejeprime revealed new data about companies that are relocating their offices in Barcelona, particularly companies that are related to technological innovation. The figures focus on one fact: 52 tech companies have hired a total of […]

29 October, 2018

In recent years, the appeal of Barcelona as a world business cluster has encouraged the emergence of a great number of specialized areas for companies of any size. An example of such would be the 22@ area, oriented to innovation and with a land price that allows the setting of businesses in this area of […]

26 September, 2018

Beatriz Portillo: ‘We understood it was essential to belong to an association that spoke in the interest of our activity’ Every year, there is a reduced amount of relevant events that draw the attention of an important share of representatives of the Spanish workspaces sector. One of them is the WorkSpacesDay Conference, which will take […]

6 September, 2018

When summer is almost gone, the academic world is again under way, and gets ready to face a new year full of activities and training sessions. Although the beginning of the season is usually associated to the return to school or college classrooms, every sector adapts in its own way. Following this path, the demand […]

16 July, 2018

The commitment for areas diversity is one of the most reinforced pillars during the Gran Via Business & Meeting Center development, which seeks the customer’s visit to Barcelona facilities not to be a simple work location, but a set of experiences that leads the user one step beyond in his or her activity development. That […]

28 June, 2018

With a new industrial nature, the terrace area fits the customer’s needs to stay one of the most used spaces of the year. The coming of good weather means sun and switch-off moments, even for short periods of time. The terraces which are located in some buildings’ penthouses are an example of a perfect setting […]

4 June, 2018

Unquestionably, the latest Mobile World Congress editions that took place in Barcelona placed the city in the conventions, fairs and events tourism world scene spotlight. This would have not been possible without the huge mobilization that the event generated in the service sector: meeting areas, catering, communication and transport services have adapted to keep the […]