An oasis of calm in the heart of Barcelona… while you work

6 May, 2021

When you are working in the heart of Barcelona, it is always nice to find a moment to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and ambience of the city. That is why at 630 Gran Vía Business & Meeting Center we have spaces where you can relax and disconnect.

With more than 2,500 square metres, our common areas are the key to a good working environment. Designed to enhance inspiration, motivation and networking among the different professionals in the building in a working environment different from a regular office.


We strive every day to offer our clients different places without the formality of a meeting room, with an avant-garde and welcoming style, in which they can feel comfortable. Relaxed work is encouraged, both as a team and individually.


Common areas at 630 Gran Vía Business & Meeting Center


As we have already mentioned in our blog, both the business fabric and its cosmopolitan spirit make Barcelona an economic centre for Spain and Europe. Its many leading sectors, the important port and the mix of avant-garde and tradition make this city a safe bet for entrepreneurship.


That is why we invite you to get to know our workspaces, where you can work with the best support from our team. However, it is not all about sitting in front of the computer, we have different acclimatised areas to add comfort to your working day and improve interpersonal relationships.

Common areas


There are multiple meeting and work-sharing points, where you will find all kinds of facilities to take a break. We have installed Coffee Points to facilitate the exchange of ideas and meetings between professionals, in the time it takes to have a coffee.


Among the common areas, our Business Club stands out, a space with a modern and sophisticated design. We have included innovative Hot desks and telephone booths for those who require them, as well as high-speed WiFi internet in all areas.


La Pergola Office


This is a place where we can leave work aside for a moment. It is an air-conditioned room, with access to the outside and a wide variety of healthy products that are renewed daily.

Depending on the weather, you can eat inside or outside La Pérgola, taking advantage of the sun to recover your energy. In addition, if you are still lacking in energy, you can rest after lunch on one of the deckchairs installed for this purpose.

Barcelona Terrace

One of the highlights of our building, highly valued by all our customers. It is a unique, special place with perfect views over the city. It has all the facilities you can imagine, so you will not be left wanting for anything.


This terrace is the perfect place to hold business cocktail parties or professional events; but you can also go out for a coffee during a break in your day or work on your laptop with an extra comfort.


These are the common areas of our building, with a terrace in the centre of Barcelona that will take your breath away. There is also a restaurant, music at specific points and other services that you can enjoy to make your work easier. Ask us and we will tell you all about it.

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