The Unstoppable Rise of Coworking: 3 out of 10 Offices to Adopt the Collaborative Model by 2030

The Unstoppable Rise of Coworking: 3 out of 10 Offices to Adopt the Collaborative Model by 2030

31 January, 2024

In the current era, marked by significant changes in the way we work, the rise of coworking spaces is an important trend in the evolution of the labor world.

A recent study by the real estate consulting firm Savills Aguirre Newman predicts that, by 2030, three out of every ten workspaces will be coworking spaces. This phenomenon is already a palpable reality, as reveals another report, “The State of Coworking in Spain 2022-2023”, which was prepared by Coworking Spain, that highlights the existence of more than 6,000 shared spaces and 54,000 users, with Barcelona and Madrid being the provinces with the largest presence.

This growth of coworking in Spain is attributed to several factors, specially the increase of teleworking, the accelerated digitalization and the growing need for collaborative environments. The flexibility offered by coworking spaces adapts to the transformation of employment, and provides solutions for companies of every size and profile.

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center: innovative spaces for companies of the future

In this context, Gran Via Business & Meeting Center stands as a benchmark in Barcelona, offering 2,500 m2 of flexible offices and state-of-the-art workspaces. Regardless of the size and activity of your company, here you will find exceptional amenities and an exceptional working environment.

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center stands out for its cutting-edge services, namely:

Collaboration and networking

The business center located in the city of Barcelona goes even further by offering more than 700m2 of collaborative spaces for coffee points, resting areas and phone booths. High-speed WiFi, daily press, ambient music and a restaurant are just some of the details that make the difference.

The Barcelona terrace

With an additional 390 m2 for terraces, Gran Via BC offers opportunities to eat, have lunch, coffee or just relax. Among these spaces, the Barcelona terrace stands out as one of the best valued by customers, being ideal for events, cocktails and networking days.

Advantages of collaborative spaces

The incorporation of collaborative spaces not only benefits the daily work, but also improves the general environment. These spaces are revealed as an opportunity to do business, to generate communities, and to share ideas and projects among professionals from different sectors.

Aware of this reality, 630 Gran Via BC strives to create quality collaborative spaces, providing entrepreneurs with all the necessary services and amenities. The goal is for them to enjoy their day to the fullest, fostering motivation and creativity in an environment conducive to professional growth.

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