Collaborative workingspaces

In 630 Gran Via Business Center we have multiple collaborative workspaces designed to promote networking among professionals and provide alternative work environments to the usual.

Aware of the importance of a good work environment, Gran Vía Business & Meeting Center Barcelona strives to offer our clients informal common spaces that boast of avant-garde and cozy design, in which to feel comfortable.


Our communal spaces feature a highly cutting-edge and professional design while being warm and welcoming. We want our users and visitors to feel inspired and motivated by the design and setting, and so foster work, both as individuals and as a team.

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phone booths
daily users of the facilities
Host desk and phone booths
1150 m2
of common areas, business loungues and collaborative spaces

Communal areas

You’ll love our meeting and shared work areas. Nespresso Coffee Points to promote meeting and exchange. Lounge areas in an elegant and mould-breaking design. Innovative Hot Desks and phone booths. And, of course, wifi internet in all areas, including the terraces.

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Office La Pérgola Gran Vía BC


Climate controlled, exterior-facing and with a wide range of healthy products. Depending on time, you can eat inside or outside La Pérgola, in the open air. You can even “take a power nap” after lunch on one of the loungers.

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One of the spaces most enjoyed by our clients. Absolutely unique and special, it is perfect for staging professional events and cocktails, for enjoying a coffee in a break in a meeting or simply for working on your laptop.

Meeting rooms
In the success of any meeting, the setting plays an important role. Our meeting rooms, each one different, offer you design and comfort, wifi internet and the permanent support of our team throughout the meeting.
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Modern workspaces that can be configured to suit you. With an image and a quality that will surprise you, our workspaces have been designed to meet 100% of the needs of different companies, whatever their size and trading activity. Fitted offices to start working tomorrow.
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Communal spaces facilities
<strong>Wifi internet</strong><br/>
Throughout the building
Wifi internet
Throughout the building
And supply of office material
And supply of office material
<strong>Printing facilities </strong><br/>
and document scanning
Printing facilities
and document scanning
<strong>Management of correspondence</strong><br/>
visits and personalised phone call attention
Management of correspondence
visits and personalised phone call attention
<strong>Terrace lunch room</strong><br/>
With fridge, microwave, coffee and tea, soft drinks and healthy food
Terrace lunch room
With fridge, microwave, coffee and tea, soft drinks and healthy food
<strong>Communal areas and Phone Booths</strong><br/>
To work, read the newspaper, talk on the phone or share
Communal areas and Phone Booths
To work, read the newspaper, talk on the phone or share
<strong>Coffee Points Nesspreso</strong><br/>
And soft drink and healthy food vending points
Coffee Points Nesspreso
And soft drink and healthy food vending points
<strong>Daily newspapers</strong><br/>
In the communal areas throughout the building
Daily newspapers
In the communal areas throughout the building
<strong>Bicycle parking</strong><br/>
So you don’t have to keep your bike in the office
Bicycle parking
So you don’t have to keep your bike in the office
in communal areas and terraces
in communal areas and terraces
<strong>Restaurant in the building</strong><br/>
Mediterranean and international cuisine with the guarantee of the Farga group
Restaurant in the building
Mediterranean and international cuisine with the guarantee of the Farga group

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Collaborative work spaces in Barcelona

We have more than 700m2 of collaborative workspaces for coffe points, rest areas and phone booth. And naturally with high speed WiFi, daily press, ambient music, restaurant, etc. Everything you need you will find it in our collaborative spaces in Barcelona.

In addition, for those who like to enjoy the outdoors, we allocate an additional 390m2 to terraces, where you can eat, have lunch, have a coffee or relax.

Within our collaborative workspaces in Barcelona, we must highlight the terrace Barcelona, which is shown as one of the best valued spaces by our clients, being the best option for holding events, cocktails or networking days, and get to surprise the attendees

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Main advantages of collaborative spaces at work

Having collaborative workspaces at work is very beneficial for all types of workers. If we mind the high stress that can be endured during the working day, having common spaces within the office, is essential to improve the work environment, relieve stress, disconnect, increase productivity, and strengthen collaboration among workers.

Many experts say that collaborative workspaces are shown as an opportunity to do business, as they allow people from different sectors to meet, generate community, share ideas, projects, etc.

Aware of this, in 630 Gran Vía Business Center we have strived to create high quality collaborative spaces in Barcelona, offering our clients all the services and amenities they may need, with the aim of making them enjoy their day to the fullest, improving the work environment, promote motivation and creativity.

Our collaborative workspaces will enchant you. So much that you will not want to leave them.

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We are in the centre of Barcelona, surrounded by the best cultural, architectural, commerce and leisure attractions in the city. And of course with excellent communications: metro and bus, taxi and public bicycle service (Bicing) on the doorstep and 5 minutes from the airport shuttle service and railway station.

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Public transportation

Apartment (Passeig de Gràcia, 16) Apartment (Passeig de Gràcia, 16)
Susana, Center Manager de Gran Via BC

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