Office & Health News #3

21 July, 2020

After many weeks quarantined and working from home when possible, it is time to go back to the office. But make no mistake, the virus is not gone and we cannot consider the “new normal” as if it were the normal to which we were used to when the year began.

Does this mean that we cannot go back to our jobs? See family and friends? Of course not! In order to face the serious economic crisis that is before us, it is necessary to resume our daily activities, return to the office with all the possible enthusiasm and drive and once again enjoy our favourite shops, bars, museums and concerts.

Of course, it is essential to resume our daily lives with collective and individual prudence and responsibility. At Gran Via Business Center we are prepared for a safe and healthy return to the office. In coordination with our experts in occupational risk prevention and safety, we have implemented a coronavirus prevention and contingency plan with the sole objective of offering our community the safest and most hygienic environment possible.

Here we detail some of the prevention measures, but you can download our prevention and contingency plan against the SARS – CoV-2 on this link

Upon returning to your office


Your return to Gran Via
We are very excited to see you again. Our team will explain all the measures and novelties implemented so that you can work safely, and we will deliver to you a complimentary Hygienic Kit with a mask and hydro-alcoholic gel.
Your office
You will find a sanitary seal that guarantees that your office has been disinfected in your absence. If you want to implement additional disinfections or job separation systems, we will be happy to help you design solutions that suit you.
Meetings rooms
You can continue convening your meetings and interviews in complete safety. Of course, you should bear in mind that the capacity of our rooms has been reduced by 50% to guarantee interpersonal distance: depending on the call you may have to reserve a larger room. We have spaced the time between meetings so that each room is disinfected at intervals.
Building access
To guarantee everyone’s safety, it is mandatory to enter the building with a mask. If you do not have one, the security service will provide it. Likewise, it is mandatory to dispose of the gloves, if you wear them, in the “contactless” bin that you will find next to the hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser.
The capacity of the elevators has been limited to 2 people. You can use the disposable tissues that we have placed in the lobby of the building to press the buttons in order to minimize the contact with common surfaces.
Our professional cleaning team is working throughout the working day, disinfecting common areas, terrace, office and toilets several times a day. In addition, your workplace is cleaned and disinfected daily, certifying it with a tripod that accredits it.
Coffee Points & Phone Booths
Because your self-protection protects us all, we ask you to use the hydro-alcoholic gel that you will find next to the coffee machines before using them. The telephone booths have gel dispensers that you must use when occupying them and they will be disinfected as soon as you notify us that you have stopped using them.
Terraces & Office
Finally we have removed all the kitchenware from the Office “La Pecera” and we have replaced it with Eco-Friendly disposable kitchenware based on corn starch and bamboo fibre, although we recommend that you bring your own cutlery and crockery; the dishwasher service will be temporarily disabled. We have also ordered individual disposable paper wands for the Office area and the Terrace tables that you can deposit, once used, in the trash at the entrance to “La Pecera”.
They feature taps powered by proximity sensors and paper towel dispensers, minimizing any risk of contact. We will place disposable tissues to safely handle lids and cisterns of the toilets that must be discarded in the bins next to them; please never throw them in the toilet; let’s protect the environment. We have also increased the frequency of sanitation that you can check in the register that has been placed in these spaces.
As we have been doing, both correspondence and parcels will undergo a disinfection process based on prior sodium hypochlorite. This may take 2-4 hours to deliver to the recipient.
We remain alert to the evolution of the sanitary situation, adapting all of our measures to be able to offer you a safe and healthy work environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel. +34 93 2702222

Come back safely. We are prepared.

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