Boosting creativity and innovation: How the work environment influences it

22 February, 2023

Creativity can generate great benefits in any work environment but, in order to achieve it, some positive practices such as work motivation and teamwork are required.

Promoting and encouraging innovation and creativity of employees in the work environment must be the result of a good climate in the workspace. But to achieve this it is also necessary to have other factors that end up being key to achieve it. How to combine them to achieve successful results?

Creativity and business innovation

Creative thinking is one of the most important but sometimes neglected qualities in many companies, as many staff seek to be as efficient as possible and maintain a stable routine at work, forgetting how essential creativity is in the development of their work tasks.

When there is a creative and dynamic work environment, it encourages better problem solving in companies, as workers have the tools to find alternatives and solutions to complicated situations. At the same time, decision-making processes are improved by considering the different points of view of employees, which also improves work motivation.

Undoubtedly, creativity in the workplace is of utmost importance, because by applying creative thinking to everyday working life, the day will not only no longer feel heavy, but also the expected significant results will be achieved. It is worth noting that the creative process applies not only to employees, but also to managers and directors. In fact, the business leader must be the driver and inciter of creative thinking in his or her work environment.

What are the techniques of creativity?

Much of the creative process goes hand in hand with the leader, who can develop activities that are carried out in the office to maintain that creative ‘spark’ and promote a sense of belonging to the company.

There are a number of techniques and methods used to foster creativity and innovation in the work environment, which are designed for all types of companies. Among the best known are:

Scamper Technique

A very complete and useful technique to improve a product or service. It consists of substituting, combining, adapting, modifying, proposing other uses, eliminating and reordering the element being analysed. In this way, there will be interesting and even fun variations that will help to innovate the company’s services.

Challenge sessions

Having one day a week for the team to solve a dynamic case will encourage creativity and the ability to solve problems under pressure, and will also help to think outside the box.

Do not fall into a routine,

It is necessary to generate dynamics with the support of challenge sessions or brainstorming sessions. These activities allow you to forget about work for a few moments and have fun with a case that encourages creativity, fun and work motivation.

Having a large, dynamic and versatile workspace, optimal for both autonomous and collaborative work.

A well-designed office can increase productivity and even better, creativity. Furniture, fixtures and fittings and on-site objects can be the key to enhancing creative processes.

What do creative offices look like?

At this point it can be reaffirmed that the workspace is a relevant and indisputable issue in the creative process. However, it is not only a matter of having a spacious place, since in order to generate a work environment full of creativity and innovation, more aspects need to be considered.

Thus, first of all, each area and its purpose must be established, as there will be spaces where it will be necessary to maintain order, such as the reception, and areas where there will be more freedom to work. For example, to encourage creativity, the work tables should be large and allow plenty of materials to be within reach.

One example is Gran Via Business & Meeting Center, where they have offices designed and fully equipped to create a productive environment, which stimulates workers to perform activities in a productive way. As an additional point, they have all the necessary tools to keep a creative mind ready for new challenges.


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