Eduardo Espinosa: “The product is a very good thing, but experience and service become the most important”.

26 January, 2022

The CEO and Founder of Innoe highlights the main aspects of his transition from a traditional office to Gran Via Business & Meeting Center’s flexible office model for his company, which took place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have had to adapt to changes in work models: teleworking, alternating the occupation of offices with the creation of “hot posts” or reconditioning spaces to comply with new health and safety measures, among others. In this line, many have taken advantage of the situation to adapt to what is already becoming a trend: the commitment to the flexible office model.

A clear example of success in this line is Innoe, a strategy and business consultancy, which has joined this new trend by moving its operational headquarters to Gran Via Business & Meeting Center, a workspace located in the heart of Barcelona, which has meant a new experience for the whole team.

Innoe’s CEO and Founder, Eduardo Espinosa, reflects on the advantages derived from the change from a traditional office model to the Flexible Office model offered by Gran Via Business & Meeting Center.

What prompted your company to look for a new workspace?

Relocation was a need we had for a long time, but we were unaware of this business model. What we were looking for never quite had the right format and space was a very important factor that we had to take into account. In addition, Covi-19 projected other important needs, such as the commitment to new technologies, especially in details such as the quality of videoconferencing and communications in general and the optimisation of the use of our office space due to teleworking.

With the pandemic, we started to rethink the suitability of our facilities; the whole team was no longer going to work there. We also discovered that teleworking was viable and that our clients accepted it without any problems, which led us to look for new workspace solutions, and in this process we came across Gran Via Business & Meeting Center.

Why did you choose Gran Via Business & Meeting Center over other Flexible Office operators?

I was aware of other coworking and shared office solutions that workers can use as an alternative to teleworking. But from my perspective, they have a handicap: team members do not identify that space as “their workspace”. My team felt very attached to the previous office and until I was introduced to the Gran Via BC option, I didn’t know that this was what I was really looking for.

I won’t deny that the change from a traditional office model to the solutions provided by Gran Via BC did cause us some hesitation at first, in relation to the team’s performance and whether this change could affect us negatively. Even so, the team was delighted with the change. Today I can say that the unanimous opinion is that we have improved compared to what we had and now they are very eager to come to work.

What advantages does the design and space management of a workspace such as Gran Via Business & Meeting Center bring to your day-to-day work?

With the arrival of the pandemic, teleworking went from being a restricted option for a small percentage of workers to being a necessity and an obligation. An obligation that brings with it a certain sense of isolation and detachment, so our team began to feel the desire to return to the office, so we were faced with the need to find a physical space that would facilitate the balance between teleworking and face-to-face work in a safe and secure environment where all members would feel at ease.

With the design and options of Gran Via BC we have achieved just that: members can work from home, but avoiding isolation by having a motivating and pleasant physical space where they feel like coming regularly to share and socialise with the rest of the team. We can say that we have achieved the perfect balance.

A new space has recently been created in the centre: the Business Club. What do you think about the potential it offers for the users of Gran Via Business & Meeting Center?

In my opinion, it brings Gran Via BC’s facilities and equipment full circle. On the one hand, we have an open space such as the Barcelona terrace on the top floor of the building, designed for eating, having a drink or a coffee, preparing a meeting or something more informal. And on the other, the new Business Club on the 1st floor; an exclusive space with a spectacular design, which gives you peace and quiet to concentrate, just like a university library.

We have many meetings with clients and collaborators and sometimes it is just to sign a document or hold a more informal meeting. The Business Club is a space that provides comfort, image and service for these visits.

How would you describe having a management team like the one at the Gran Via Business & Meeting Center?

It is the feeling of having achieved the company that one always envisions and dreams of: arriving and having the certainty that things are being done well. And very important for those to whom our work and commitment is directed: our clients, to whom we always want to offer the best experience in the provision of our services. To close a business deal you need two key aspects: to argue to the potential client why they need what we offer and to show them that you are the best supplier of the product or service they need.

Having good facilities in an excellent location and attentive reception staff helps to project the image of professionalism that I am looking for my company.

When a client visits my offices in Gran Via BC, both the image and the attention they receive from the team at the centre are the best complement to my services, which is very important in the sales process and above all in the experience they receive from the use or presentation of our services.

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