Los salas de reuniones albergan momentos muy importantes en la vida de una empresa. Aquí dejamos las mejores opciones para elegir la correcta.

Tips for choosing the perfect meeting room

18 March, 2021

We are facing an important meeting with our best client or a new supplier, and we have to decide where we will deal with the most relevant issues. Do not worry; at Gran Via Business & Meeting Center we have several spaces at your disposal.

Whenever you are looking for a meeting room, in Barcelona you should plan everything you will need to make the meeting a success


The most important elements of a meeting room

In this blog, we have already written about the importance of choosing a good office for our company. However, beyond fieldwork, we often have to meet with suppliers, clients or our own colleagues; so today, we are going to analyze some of the most important aspects that a meeting room should provide


The estimated dimensions for a person to be comfortable in a meeting or training are about 2.5 m2 per person. That is to say, if there are going to be six people in the meeting, we would have to look for a room no smaller than 15 m2. Currently and as long as it is necessary and advisable to maintain Covid measures of social distance in the meetings, this surface should be multiplied x2.


Surely, the last thing we want at an important meeting is a bad Internet connection or projection systems that are not compatible with our computer equipment. We must keep in mind that today’s technology is an essential part of any meeting, and we cannot allow it to fail in any way.

Up-to-date equipment, technicians who can help us or to have all the necessary material for a good meeting (projectors, speakers, screens and interactive whiteboards…) is something we must demand from any meeting room.



This is another important aspect when choosing a room. The ideal is to have configurable spaces and equipment, allowing all kinds of layouts: an imperial table for a formal meeting, a “U” table for dynamic training sessions or theater, classroom or cocktail configurations. The type of meeting and its objectives will determine the way in which we distribute the attendees.

The design of the room is also very important. The decoration should not be the protagonist, but make sure it goes with it, providing comfort and an environment of professionalism. It should be sober (in most cases) and try to include some corporate elements



When we chose to organize our meeting in a specialized center such as Gran Via Business & Meeting Center, we chose for much more than a physical space. We also decide to have at our disposal a set of services and the support of personnel specialized in consulting and event organization, including, of course, IT consulting.

We must also take into account those complementary services that will add value to our meeting. The possibility of having a coffee, catering services preparing a brunch or a mid-afternoon tea are interesting options that we should value.


Informal areas

Finally, we cannot forget some spaces that are less formal than a traditional meeting room. On this occasion, we may need a more relaxed and calm tone, or we may want a second place in our meeting that invites us to relax with a terrace, sofas, some refreshments…

Here, relaxed chats are encouraged and can lead to very interesting conversations that are not seen within the framework of a formal meeting. It is all a matter of knowing exactly what we are looking for at any moment in order to make the best choice.

You have been able to notice that there are different elements that we must take into account to make our meeting a success. Choose the meeting room with time and plan your meeting or event well, relying on meeting professionals like the team you will find in our facilities.

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