What’s the relationship between good physical and mental health and the customary workspace?

22 November, 2021

Achieving a good workplace is not only about cleanliness and order. It also entails a healthy work environment, equipped with technology and other features that encourage productivity and creativity.

The current trend that offers both teleworking and workspace options alike to workers is an increasingly widespread reality. Even with this divide, a growing number of companies have noticed that the option of working in a physical place is still in high demand.

Bearing this in mind, many changes can improve the work experience in the office, something Gran Via Business & Meeting Center has applied for a long time throughout the offer of its workspaces. A cozy workplace makes employees feel comfortable and motivated to achieve work goals. “And in the same way, workplace can cause positive or negative effects on people’s health, well-being and happiness,” point the professionals of this business center located in Barcelona.

Its importance is such that even the World Health Organization (WHO) has a saying on the matter: a negative work space can cause physical or mental conditions, such as anxiety and depression, as transmitted from the organization.

In order to face this situation, there are a series of requirements that every space has to cover, as the Barcelona workspace explains:

What do all these aspects translate into?


An optimal workplace allows better concentration, which is a key factor to improve the performance of daily activity. Any investment aimed at achieving a better office environment will be rewarded with employees working with greater efficiency.

Reduction of work stress

The workplace is often associated with stressful situations. However, a suitable work environment decreases the stress of the worker, without negative distractions such as excessive noise, while being safe, private and quiet. This encourages creativity and a better performance of their functions.

Increased motivation

Motivation is paramount for employees to aim to do things right without feeling their responsibilities are a burden.

What are people motivations in your workplace? A pleasant workspace is a great stimulus for employees to better integrate into the work team, to achieve an effective communication and to be willing to go beyond their functions.

For instance, Gran Via BC offers everything that is needed to ensure the best conditions for workers: best conditions in order to feel safe, comfortable and motivated to meet the objectives.

A workforce comfortable with their workplace integrates better at a business level, and achieves a greater sense of belonging. For example, respect among co-workers, even among superiors, reflects feeling comfortable in the company.

Having a good workplace can be a key element in a strategy in order to improve the work environment and to strengthen a company and its outcomes.

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