Gran Via Business & Meeting Center raises the stakes towards the flexible office model

22 October, 2019

Combining the aspects of coworking and traditional office allow features suitable for any professional

The coworkingmodel has implied a turning point in the world of workspaces. The increasing demand of this kind of offices responds to a deep social change in the model of workspaces. Concurrently, though, sector professionals have been adapting their offer to the demand of another model that can bring together the best aspects of these two categories of spaces: of course, we are talking about the flexible office.

It is the case of Gran Via Business & Meeting Center, a workspace located in the very center of Barcelona, which is constantly revamping its facilities in order to maintain its main feature: a focus on flexibility and additional services.

“During all these years, we have seen that both entrepreneurs and corporations are demanding such spaces”, says Gran Via BC Center Manager, Susana de la Rubia, when she talks about the large variety of clients that can be found in the center, combining elements of coworking with each company’s own work.

Therefore, there are two related functionalities that clients keep always in mind when hiring a workspace:

“Clients, both self-employed and companies, appreciate these factors in our workspace”, highlights De la Rubia, who is convinced that these aspects will lead the way in the near future of the workspaces market broadly speaking.

Once set, the center’s additional services sit on the added value which is provided by the staff. An example of such are the terrace breakfasts, a courtesy of Gran Via BC in which the staff seeks the socialization that usually takes place in coworking spaces: during these breakfasts, people can expand their network, or just enjoy a cup of coffee chatting with other people.

“We plan to keep on doing what we have accomplished so far: that is, to deliver the best logistics quality with a professional human touch”, summarizes De la Rubia. This will definitely be the focus of the center in the months to come.


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