Companies plan to return to the office in search of higher productivity

Companies plan to return to the office in search of higher productivity

27 February, 2024

According to a recent Chief Executive survey of 150 CEOs in the United States, the vast majority of companies are considering getting back to the office. This shift means a notable turnaround from recent trends, where remote or hybrid work had been gaining ground prominently.

Although new models are still more common than on-site work among the companies that were surveyed, this data shows a significant shift compared to what has been observed in recent years. The reasons behind this preference are diverse, but one of the main ones is the perception that remote work can negatively affect collaboration and teamwork.

Productivity and efficiency in the workplace

According to the CEOs that were surveyed by Chief Executive, many companies have experienced difficulties in keeping the same level of employee engagement and involvement while working remotely. This concern for productivity and effectiveness in the work environment has led most companies to plan to return to the office as a strategy to boost engagement and performance.

This trend towards working face-to-face is also supported by a survey conducted by consulting firm KPMG, which reveals that three out of four Spanish CEOs anticipate a return to a fully face-to-face working model in the next three years. This outlook reflects a shift in focus in the employee value proposition, where telecommuting, while gaining support during the pandemic, is being reconsidered in the medium term.

Reassessing real estate needs

For companies that are opting to return to the office, this involves a reassessment of their real estate needs. Many had downsized their office space or adopted flexible arrangements during the pandemic, anticipating a more permanent shift to remote working. However, the current business landscape is prompting a review of these decisions, with a renewed focus on the importance of physical workspace in fostering collaboration, innovation and a sense of belonging.

Flexible and modern workspaces

In this context, Gran Via Business & Meeting Center, located in the heart of Barcelona, stands out as an example of flexible and modern workspaces that can adapt to the changing needs of companies. With its 2,500 m2 of flexible offices equipped with state-of-the-art technology, as well as coworking spaces designed to foster creativity and interaction among professionals, the business center offers an optimal working environment for business development in the new work paradigm.

Corporate offices

In addition, Gran Via Business & Meeting Center offers corporate offices that stand out for their spaciousness, comfort and versatility. Designed to meet the needs of each team, these offices have a modern and innovative design that combines the privacy corporate work needs with the opportunity to interact with other companies in the building’s numerous common areas, terraces and shared spaces. These areas are designed to foster collaboration and exchange ideas among professionals, creating a dynamic and enriching business environment for every company located in the business center.

Hybrid offices

In the current context of the transformation of the work environment, Gran Via Business & Meeting Center stands out for its hybrid office solutions, which are designed to adapt to the changing needs of companies. Its hybrid offices offer exceptional flexibility, and allow clients to expand or reduce workstations as required, and adjust their workspaces according to the needs of the moment.

With the ability to seamlessly combine face-to-face and telecommuting work, its hybrid offices provide teams with the freedom and versatility needed to maximize their performance.

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