Office & Health News #2

19 May, 2020

After some weeks of great uncertainty, at Gran Via Business Center we are satisfied to see how gradually and prudently we are returning to the lost normality.  Every week increases the number of clients returning to the office, either daily or sporadically and some meetings are even being held in the rooms.

In addition to continuing to provide our services without interruption, during these last 3 weeks we have been involved in adapting facilities and safety and hygiene measures that allow us to offer you a healthy and safe work space.

We can confirm that the measures included in the Covid-19 Protocol that we sent you some weeks ago have been fully implemented and we continue to work to improve them and adapt them to the evolution of the health situation.

Prevention measures COVID-19


Healthy Points
We have acquired fixed elements of hydro-alcoholic gel distribution as well as disposable tissues and trashcans that we will receive in the next few days. These elements will be installed in the access to the building and on all floors. While they arrive we have placed gel dispensers at all these points.
Your office
Whether you are planning a staggered return of the team or if you have any doubts about the capacity and organization of your office space, we are here to help you. We will be pleased to advise you on everything that can facilitate the safe re-entry of your team.
Meeting Rooms
We have reduced the capacity of all our rooms to 50%, to guarantee the essential safety distance. In addition, disposable individual paper desks will be available to protect your work area and disinfectant wet wipes to handle with total safety remote controls, cables and other elements in the rooms.
Access to the building
To ensure everyone’s safety, it is mandatory to enter the building with a mask.If you do not have one, the security service will provide it to you. Likewise, if you wear gloves  it is mandatory to dispose them in the “contactless” trashcan that you will find next to the hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser.
The elevator capacity has been limited to 2 people. You can use the disposable tissues that we have placed in the lobby of the building to press the buttons in order to minimize contact with common surfaces.
We have installed protective methacrylate screens and our team is, as always, at your disposal equipped with the corresponding measures of protection.
Cleaning service
In addition to the usual night time cleaning of all spaces, we have increased hygiene with a daytime service that is constantly cleaning with disinfecting products the common areas, terrace and break room, handles, lift buttons and toilets.
Coffee Points
We have marked safety distances on the ground and put up posters indicating the maximum permitted capacity. All tableware has also been removed, leaving only disposable items.
Top Roof & Break Room
Finally we have removed all the crockery from”La Pecera” lunch room and we have replaced it with the Eco-Friendly disposable crockery made out of corn starch and bamboo fiber; the dishwasher service will be temporarily disabled. We have also ordered individual disposable paper covers for the break room and the Terrace tables that can be thrown in the trashcan placed at the entrance of “La Pecera”.
There are taps activated by proximity sensor and paper towel dispensers which minimizes any risk of contact. We have placed disposable tissues to safely handle toilets lids and cisterns that have to be disposed in the bins next to them; please never throw them away in the toilet in order to protect the environment. Additionally we have increased the sanitation frequency of the toilets and placed signage in which we recommend lowering the lid before flushing the toilet as an important preventive measure.
As we have been doing, both correspondence and parcels will be subjected to a disinfection process based on previous sodium hypochlorite. This can delay the delivery 2 to 4 hours to the recipient.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us:
Tel. +34 93 2702222


Come back safely. We’re ready.

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