Office & Health News #1

12 May, 2020

Returning to the normality lost due to the COVID-19 outbreak, will lead to important changes in our daily habits, both in our personal and professional lives and in our work spaces.

In Gran Via Business Center, since the beginning of this pandemic, we have prepared ourselves to face this new reality by implementing extraordinary measures with the aim to guarantee that our offices and workspaces, meeting rooms and common areas, are a secure and healthy space.

To achieve that, we have put in place an ambitious protocol of actions in which your collaboration and involvement will be essential.
This protocol will be adjusted and modified according to the evolution of the pandemic and the measures communicated by the health authorities.

Prevention measures COVID-19

Air Quality
We have incremented the frequency of the periodical, cleaning and filter change of the equipment to guarantee the best circulating air quality within our installations.
We have scheduled a certified shock disinfection treatment, consisting of spraying all offices and common spaces with hydrogen peroxide / ozone mists that guarantee a total disinfection of spaces and equipment for personal use.
Daily cleaning
We maintain the nightly cleaning routine that has always been performed and we increase during office hours the frequency of all daily hygiene and disinfection measures, both in the workplace as well as in the toilets, common areas, handles, stair rails and lift buttons.
Access to the building
We have placed group 3 containers to dispose the gloves with which we arrived at the office, also dispensers of hydro-alcoholic solution that is mandatory to use.
In order to maintain the essential safety distance, the capacity of lifts of 15 people is reduced to a maximum of 2 people. Please respect the identifiers that have been placed for this purpose.
The Gran Via Team will continue being present and providing the usual service as we have been doing throughout this time; maintaining the safety distance limits and with the corresponding protection measures.
Floors access
All main access doors to each floor will remain open during the working time in order to avoid the manipulation of handles.
Office and coffee points
Also to maintain the guarantees of distance, the capacity of the Office La Pecera of our terrace, will be limited to 4 simultaneous people and the use of coffee points must be done individually. We will remove for as long as necessary the cups, which are replaced by single-use glasses. We are also considering removing the dishes with the recommendation that each of us bring our own enamelware.
We will separate on a higher distance tables and chairs of the open area to accomplish the required safety distance. That way we will enjoy the space with no worries.
Meeting and training rooms
We will take measures to reduce until a half the capacity in all the rooms, removing the necessary furniture.
As we have been doing throughout this time, all the received packages will be subdued to a disinfection process based on sodium hypochlorite before they can be collected by any of you.
As long as this exceptional situation lasts and following the recommendation of security regulations, we will remove all brochures, magazines and newspapers from the common areas.
We will implement signs to facilitate the maintenance of interpersonal distance.
Masks and gloves
We will have masks and gloves for single use, to provide in exceptional situations when any client requires it and as far as the supply allows.


We strongly recommend the access in the center with a mask and its use in contact with other users and with the Gran Via team.

We also recommend a frequent hand washing during the workday. All toilets are equipped with automatic taps and disposable towels, thus avoiding contact with these elements.

According to the evident security and protection measures, children cannot access the center without a mask and without complying with the mandatory access measures to the building.


We are ready for your return and committed to your safety

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