Gran Via Business & Meeting Center shares its experience for organizing effectively events and training sessions in workspaces

28 May, 2019

With more than 2.100 business meetings held during 2017 (source: turismo MICE– of conventions, congresses and incentives), Barcelonatakes a stand as one of the main capitals demanding spaces specialized in this sort of services. Namely, the figure is 7.7% higher than in the previous period, and includes a total of 561 congresses and more than 1.500 conventions.


With this set of figures, the city workspacessector seeks to keep the high standards of quality that allowed to reach its current status. For that purpose, they had to evolve and apply the knowledge obtained over their years of experience in the market, as is the case with Gran Via Business & Meeting Center.


The team of this workspace, located in the center of Barcelona, has updated and optimized many aspects for more than 20 years, and this effort has also allowed to secure the success and user satisfaction in their different service patterns.


Specifically, in a sector such as Meetings, Trainings or Congresses, they could highlight some specific features which are amongst the most requested by the users.


“The client seeks open and conveniently sized spaces in case a large number of people has to spend long working hours”, says Center Manager Susana de la Rubia, pointing out how the spaciousness feeling earned by outdoor light and glass walls is one of the elements clients appreciate the most. As an example, spaces such as the Japanese Salon, distinctive for its large private terrace, is one of the most demanded by training sessions or meetings users: “A big terrace combined with good weather give a lot of scope in event planning”, notes De la Rubia.


A suitable furniture is another very relevant point, as it has to ensure adequate comfort during the training session or event as pleasantly as possible. “Besides, in Gran Via BC, we are very flexible in space allocation, and we can adapt the room depending on the work circumstances”, clarifies Center Manager on how key it is to adapt supply to a specific teaching modality or meeting, depending on the needs of the user.


Another much considered issue when booking a space for a training session or presentation is having a good digital infrastructure that speeds the entire process. “The client seeks that both the speaker and the audience can get online and work all at once without any incident”, highlights De la Rubia spotting a supply element that requires more and more attention:new technologies. For that purpose, Gran Via BC provides a symmetrical 500MB wi-fi service in the whole building, as well as additional specific networks for the rooms and training spaces, among other elements.


The added value of a particular catering service rounds off the supply of this workspace. Besides, a human team underpins the provision of cocktail and breakfast, lunches or snacks services, which are served by a professional team. Therefore, having water, coffee or tea service during the meeting is a key point already covered by Gran Via BC team, looking for greater comfort for the space users. “We have learned that, when well-defined, any kind of event turns out perfect”, sums up Center Manager.

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