Keys to face Blue Monday: performance on the toughest Monday of the year

16 January, 2023

Facing Mondays is a constant battle to achieve good productivity at work. But how can we achieve this if we also have to face the ‘Monday’ that is recognised as the saddest Monday of the year?

When we used to talk about the January slope, society referred to the reflection of the economic problems that the new year brought with it, with generalised price rises and outstanding payments after the Christmas holidays. But the passage of time is inevitable and trends have given way to a new reference to another more modern expression, the famous ‘Blue Monday‘.

This third Monday in January is internationally considered the saddest day of the year. A psychologist at Cardiff University devised a peculiar mathematical formula to determine what would be the most deplorable and melancholic day of the year, and from the combination of low temperatures, the pressure of debts, the non-fulfilment of wishes proposed at the beginning of the year and the distance until the next holidays, he generated this data. The blue thing is that Anglo-Saxon culture associates this colour with sadness.

To face this date marked in blue on the calendar, Gran Via Business & Meeting Cener explains that all is not lost: the performance of a company’s workers can be better if different recommendations are taken into account. So, what are the key tips to have a productive Blue Monday? Here is a checklist to cope with any kind of Monday in the office.

Identify the problem

In order to turn a tedious Monday into a productive one, it is necessary to identify the problem. Focusing on the problem can help you find a solution to improve the situation.

The secret is to know what is going on, by being able to identify what is wrong with a person you can help them to find balance; at the same time establishing the best way forward personally and professionally.

Sending motivational messages

Motivational messages are an excellent tool to use. However, it is important to know how to do it correctly so that it is the necessary impulse for a productive Monday.

In this sense, the message should be inspirational. This way, employees will feel more motivated, will achieve more goals and will continue to give their best effort.

Provide a good workspace

Providing a good workspace is necessary to increase productivity. Having a well-structured and organised space will allow employees to work at ease and do other activities in the required environments.

It is precisely for this reason that the space used as an office should be designed to accommodate a variety of activities.

For example: meeting or training rooms, areas for calls or video calls with greater privacy (thus avoiding disturbances), spaces for lunch, coffee or informal meetings.

Leave Monday out for meetings

It is advisable to start the week by defining the objectives to be met, in this way you will have a correct organisation of which activities have a higher priority. Once you start applying this recommendation, Mondays will be more productive.

The aim is that any worker can concentrate on what is most essential at the beginning of the week in order to develop it without stress; therefore, meetings can be left out on Mondays, as they are generally time-consuming and could encourage the rest of the work to pile up.

Therefore, the best way to be productive is to manage your time well. Having a structure to your schedule and tasks will give you the necessary impetus to be motivated and committed.



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