Batching, a work method that increases efficiency in the workspace

27 July, 2020

This working tool reduces distractions both in workspaces and teleworking

In a work environment where phone calls, e-mails and Whatsapp messages are most common, while trying to avoid personal contact following all the recommendations against coronavirus, it is becoming essential to know how to stay focused, and not being distracted, during working hours. If you, when trying to get something done, have been interrupted by an e-mail ping in your inbox, you certainly know what we’re talking about.


This kind of distractions, which are more and more usual, are obviously the nemesis of productivity. They reduce the ability to focus on the task you have in mind, and they also damage efficiency, making projects much longer than what they should.


As a result of these situations, Gran Via Business & Meeting Center team advocates for a method that allows to delve and to focus on work efficiency: the Batching technique, which can become a great measure to increase productivity during work time.


What is the Batching technique based on?


The Batching process is a productivity system that helps people focus in a group of similar tasks for a continuous period of time. Also known as task batching, it helps to minimize distractions and interruptions in order to get a more efficient workflow.


Work batch processing by time is quite effective because it allows to restrict the tasks on the agenda around time blocks, so that the worker can dive into those tasks without interruptions in his/her workflow.


There are usually two kinds of tasks for which the batch processing technique is highly recommended.




If the periods of time which are assigned to this kind of tasks are clustered, efficiency can be improved, getting a significant advance towards the established goals.



How can Batching be effective?


In order to obtain the best performance, here are some of the best ways to implement this technique:


– Group tasks by role and/or objective. After that, assign each group to an established time slot.

– Write down these tasks groups in a calendar or programming tool to have a visual agenda for the whole week, day to day.

– Set reminders or alerts to keep it up-to-date.

– Set the devices in ‘Do not disturb’ mode and close all browser windows to eliminate distractions.

– Share the plans in an office environment or with a team, so that your peers are aware that you’re working, and interruptions and distractions are therefore reduced.




This kind of work experience can provide valuable learning, particularly in times such as these, when work processes have been altered in most of the work patterns.


The telework model requires a faster adaptation to batchingthan a workspace: the amount of potential distractions is much higher, as more elements are around you. In workspaces such as Gran Via BC, you’ll be able to optimize your time thanks to all the services available to minimize distractions (messaging, schedule management…).


Finally, the best part of Batching: you can implement it anytime, just depending on the workspace you decide to apply it.

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