How to choose the best office for my company in 5 steps

27 August, 2020

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center points out the main aspects to be considered when choosing a workspace adapted to the current situation


This year’s back to work is of course expected to be exceptional because of the world’s health state of uncertainty. Today, thousands of people keep on working remotely, and there are many differences between how we do things now and how we did things months ago. Now, we have to observe more regulations than ever, and public places are considered high-risk areas for contracting diseases. But how does this impact the corporate world?


Gran Via Business & Meeting Center team wants to provide an answer with a number of essential steps to promote work continuity in workspaces, not to mention the importance of some daily elements.


The importance of space

A very important aspect to be considered, regardless of the type of business, is the kind of office that the business center can provide.

Today, many workspaces have an open plan design, which basically means a big room for every workspace instead of a different one for every company. On paper, such a design would allow to separate the desks safely, but a higher safety would be separate big offices, so that workers of different companies can be safely separated, following all the sanitary protocols. Still, employees can still meet in common areas, as long as they respect hygienic regulations.

Of course, meeting rooms, the bigger and the brighter the better, need also to be considered. For that matter, big rooms are necessary to avoid jeopardizing personal space.


A safe design

Design also helps to provide a safe environment against diseases. It is expected for an office design to be safe and reassuring for users. Accordingly, it is important to have a good ventilation system in the workspace. This is the case of Gran Via BC: our offices are all exterior, with big windows and a ventilation technology that allows a good airflow in their facilities.


Besides, wide hallways also allow people to come across with a decent space between them.


Another side of safe design are automatic doors and magnetic cards, as thanks to them you can avoid touching elements where the virus can be easily spread. Of course, the most important thing is people to feel safe.


Choosing a location wisely

Where will the office be located? When transports have been impacted by a pandemic, as it has been the case, getting to work turns to be a complicated task. It is important that any office has good transportation connections, with an easy access for the staff. Also, bicycle work routes should be available for those who prefer not to use public transportation.


Low density

The number of companies sharing a workspace is also an element to be considered. A suggestion of ours would be to choose a workspace with separate offices for each company. Choosing an office which is split in only a few companies in every floor is a proactive investment in the case of potential pandemics and, in parallel, to observe the new social “rules” generated by Covid-19.



This is the main topic of many conversations. It is important that the hired workspace provides flexibility, as opting for this type of contract model allows to adapt the mode and usage time of the requested space without modifying fixed or additional costs that can emerge.


Bearing all these details in mind, the last point is clear: if the workspace model you found meets all the previous points… go ahead, you chose wisely!

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