The Virtual Office model: flexibility and performance thanks to the Day Pass

28 March, 2022

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center extends the offer to its users of its remote office model to increase their productivity with occasional stays at the centre.

In recent months, many companies and professionals have returned to working in a face-to-face or hybrid way. The return to office-based work seems to be an excellent option that is spreading among workers, however. Even so, the figure of the digital nomad is still very present in many areas and sectors as the perfect way to work: the profitability and flexibility offered by a model such as the virtual office to which it is linked is one of its great assets compared to more traditional offers.

In line with this trend, Gran Via Business & Meeting Center has been able to analyse how this remote work model sometimes requires access to equipment or services in person or a suitable room for professional meetings. Gran Via BC’s Day Pass was born from this need: a new way to enhance the flexibility of teleworking to change the environment and make the most of a working day that requires access to the services of a physical workspace.

The advantages of the Day Pass
Remote working certainly has its advantages. Some people see it as an opportunity to combine work and personal life in a much more agile and effective way.

However, working from home is also a challenge due to interruptions and lack of privacy. The Day Pass, on the other hand, is a modality that provides the perfect characteristics of a professional workspace with all the measures, health and safety protocols for professionals and all those who use the facilities during their stay during meetings or training.
In this way, the professional who accesses Gran Via BC on time can access a private and equipped area or a desk in a space such as the Business Club, depending on the needs of the specific day.

How many Day Pass options are?
Gran Via BC has two options, to adapt them according to the user’s needs: Day Pass or voucher of 10 passes.
In either option, the same access is granted: access to meeting rooms, free use of the terrace located on the rooftop of the facilities with all the amenities or the use of the phone booth, among many other possibilities.

When could a Day Pass be required?

– If you have to receive an important video call or phone call for a long period of time.

– When an urgent project arises and you need the stability and guarantee of a wifi service or technical team to be present for troubleshooting.

– When the space in which you are working is saturated with noise and people and you need a more isolated area prepared for professional development.

– To test the adaptation to a professional workspace enabled for all types of professionals.

– As a transitional step in the return to a work model based on flexibility but with its own work environment.

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