Guide: How to choose the right workspace for your business

18 April, 2023

When it comes to choosing an office rental, location is often a secondary factor for entrepreneurs and their business. Instead, cost usually tops the list, along with size.

Whether a company is large or small, the vast majority of businesses reach a point where they are considering either moving to a first office with professional features, or relocating to a workspace model that better suits their evolving needs. Whatever the company or business, having an appropriate space to work is a key factor for success.

It is also essential to maintain a sustainable, innovative and avant-garde structure. It also allows to stand out from the competition and is an excellent ally for the finances of a business. For example, hiring equipped, flexible offices, open coworking spaces and meeting, training or event rooms.

Gran Via Business & Meeting Center knows the difficulties of finding the ideal space to grow a company. That is why, in this article, they discuss the factors that should be considered to choose the one that best suits any business model.

Spaciousness and Lighting

At the time of formalizing the rental of a furnished office, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of distribution, lighting and comfort: specifically, those offered by spaces based on a flexible office model and open coworking.

This includes particularities such as the size of the space, the technical characteristics and other aspects that may influence the capacity and development of productive activities.

Before making any moves, it is important to make sure that the office has good natural light and that it is distributed throughout most of the space. This way, the collaborators will concentrate more and, consequently, work better and faster.

Corporate image

Imagine that a current or potential client needs to visit the office? In this scenario, it is essential to consider being able to present a furnished space that enhances the corporate image, especially because the latter largely determines the image that the client, current or potential, takes away.

Therefore, you should try to achieve the best of the rooms. In addition, the possibility of hiring a furnished office should not be overlooked:

Is located in a reputable and easily accessible area.
Has a great business image, in the face of competition.
Offers meeting, training or event room options that represent the corporate image you want to project.
The corporate image directly affects the success or failure and the speed of business growth, especially in SMEs.

Security of the property

All properties that have furnished offices for rent must guarantee a surveillance system. Ideally, it should have active and continuous surveillance and security cameras (CCTV).

It must also have a personalized attention system, with dedicated staff and that presents an image of security and professional attention in all areas.


Another factor to consider, before getting a new workspace, is the cost. An own office can be a major expense, but moving to a rental for a flexible office or coworking space has multiple benefits in the cost-value ratio.

It can also represent a great competitive advantage, especially since economy is a key factor for SMEs. However, the priority is always to opt for the best quality space.

Flexible workspaces are the best option for adapting to change, without the need to generate extra costs. In addition, in the most modern workspaces there are always people ready to help and to consult in case of doubts, as is the case of Gran Via BC.

A professional workspace? It is an ally that offers solutions to boost the growth of a business, just as you want to project it.



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