Your virtual office in Barcelona: get to know another way of working

25 February, 2021

The winds of change are blowing in the workplace. If at the beginning of 2020 barely 4-5% of the Spanish population was teleworking, today this figure has increased exponentially to 35% in just 12 months. Not only that. More and more businessmen and entrepreneurs are opting for alternative options such as a virtual office to meet with their clients but not having to maintain a physical office (with all the expenses that entails).


But what exactly is a virtual office? A virtual office offers the entrepreneur the possibility of having a postcode in a prestigious business area in the centre of Barcelona or any other city and a place to hold meetings with clients without having to face the high costs that this entails.


What a virtual office offers your company

Let’s take the example that you are looking for a virtual office in Barcelona because you are a business person or entrepreneur who can work from home or who travels regularly and is not compensated for all the costs that come with renting a physical office. However, the image that a company gives when it has a physical office is much more professional than when it receives clients or collaborators at home or in a café, isn’t it?


This is where the virtual office comes in, a space that companies dedicated to it provide along with certain services and a postcode so that the business owner has greater credibility with potential clients. But what are the services provided by a quality virtual office in a big city?


Basic services: The basic services provided by a virtual office include the possibility of using a business address in a prime area of the city, daily management and notification of both parcels and correspondence, personalised attention to visitors, free access to all common areas, access to multifunctional equipment or high quality WiFi access to the building.


Premium services of a virtual office: In addition to all of the above, a dedicated telephone and personalised call reception are added. This package is ideal in cases where the entrepreneur has to receive numerous calls on a daily basis.


V.I.P. services of a virtual office: In this case, in addition to what is included in the premium pack, a very juicy service is added for entrepreneurs who have regular meetings, as it allows the monthly use of the private meeting room for 8 hours per month.


What profile is the virtual office designed for?


Although a virtual office does not have a restriction that limits the type of user profile that uses it, in reality the users of these services tend to fit a certain type of entrepreneur as it is a new system that is adapted to the needs of new professions with a technological profile that are more linked to the digital sphere than to the physical shop and, therefore, do not need a regular physical space in which to carry out their work.


The most common profile for the use of a virtual office is the entrepreneur who has just set up a company, especially in the technological field, such as Start Ups, and wants to make a good impression on potential collaborators and shareholders. In this way, a virtual office guarantees that whoever is received receives an impression of seriousness and professionalism that cannot be given in other cases.


There are other profiles among virtual office users, such as freelancers or liberal professionals who need a postal address other than their own home, from which they work.

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