Office design and branding: How to enhance business value

17 April, 2023

The value of a brand and its relationship with the workspace through design is very topical and its good use is defended as an indispensable tool to improve performance.

Among the many new developments we can find in the business sector and the ideas of HR departments, many companies focus their attention on branding and its relationship with office design as the perfect tool to optimise results. According to recent studies, it improves employee motivation, identification with the company and productivity, among other benefits.

But, how to highlight that adapting the design, depending on the culture, is ideal to reinforce corporate values? Gran Via Business & Meeting Center shares its vision based on its experience of adapting its workspaces to the business culture of its clients.

The importance of designing an office correctly

An inspiring office design has very positive effects on the mind and behaviour. For example, it can increase business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

That’s why pioneering companies such as Google have incorporated playrooms, gyms, colourful boardrooms, cafés and armchairs into their spaces.

In this way, they have managed to make their employees feel at home while the best talent in the world wants to join their workforce. There are other key aspects to justify this investment in design:

Relation of corporate values to office design

One of the best ways to project corporate values is through corporate image, embodied in office design. It can reflect the internal philosophy and generate a strong sense of effort among customers, managers and employees.

In addition, open spaces give a sense of flexibility, teamwork and employee confidence.

How do you make an office design represent your brand identity?

Office design represents a valuable opportunity to build brand identity and emphasise core business values. To do so, it is necessary to:

Corporate identity and company values are reflected in the website, catalogues, products, furniture and office design. A modern and open workspace helps to create coherence and effectively convey the company’s values and philosophy.

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