The advantages of a private office compared to the offer of shared space

19 December, 2022

Although shared space is on the rise, a professional workspace does not only offer space for networking or client meetings: the private office mode represents an ideal and quiet place to carry out daily work.

The growth of the term coworking or flexible spaces in recent months has taken centre stage in the workspace sector. This is why we often fail to consider an option that, today, is chosen by a large number of professionals who are looking for more privacy to work and hold meetings in an environment with a greater degree of concentration and confidentiality. We are talking about the private office modality.

This type of space, which is also included in the flexible offer of many centres, such as Gran Via Business & Meeting Center, has a delimited space and also includes the use and access to the common areas and the rest of the services of the business centre.

Choosing the right physical space in which to carry out your day-to-day work is of the utmost importance. For this reason, the professionals at Gran Via BC wanted to help you understand how a private office works and what advantages it can offer.

How does a private office work?

A private office is only available to the team or person who hires it and is restricted to the rest of the members of the business centre.

As private offices, companies or teams can adapt the layout of the desks and equipment according to their needs. In addition, team meetings can be held without the need to book a meeting room, even if they also have this possibility. As the offices are delimited, they avoid disturbing and disturbing other colleagues in the centre.

Private offices share common areas and equipment with the rest of the workspace, such as the terrace or the Business Club space, although, depending on the office model chosen and the needs of the company, some of these common areas and equipment can be integrated into the private office.

Advantages of private offices

However, more established companies or brands may not share or want to reflect this type of situation. The private office can help project the seriousness that a traditional company wants to reflect to its partners and customers.

Private office space can allow the flexibility that characterises a shared space; but with the privacy that is required to better develop the work and professional image that is needed to elevate the reputation of a business.


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