The importance of going back to the office for mental health

7 April, 2021

The worst months of the pandemic seems to be over and vaccination is making things easier. Workers, the vast majority of whom are teleworking, are returning to their regular jobs in the office. Mental health plays a very important role in all this.

Many things have changed since a year ago, and we have been adapting to each and every one of them to overcome this virus that has affected all sectors of society. Returning to work in our usual place can be difficult to face, but it can also help us to recover our wellbeing.

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Factors that influence our mental health

It is clear that one of the most important challenges companies face is to protect their employees against infections. However, we must also take into account the mental burden of returning to work after a long period, so there are a number of factors to consider.

Negative effects

Positive effects

Taking care of yourself

Now that you know the importance of mental health in the office, it is time to put into practice some of the tips we have given you to help you feel better every day. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a professional in difficult moments and talk to your loved ones whenever you need to.

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